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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We cultivate olives for the pleasure of a special oil.

The main olive grove is an integral part of Camping Bellavista with about 140 plants.
The ground before being used for camping was called “careser”, from caressa ie grass suitable for making chairs.
The olive grove “ Sotto il Monte” is located nearby and is spread over the hills under the rocks of the Mount Brione except for a flat area near the tunnel.The name comes from an ancient house built in support of the rock. The olive grove is made up of about forty plants.

The cultivars

The cultivars in the olive grove are: Frantoio, Pendolino, Cipressino & Leccino.
In the olive grove “ Sotto il Monte” we have the traditional Casaliva and a mix on the hills.

Ancient passion,
modern techniques.

The passion for olive growing started with Grandfather Francesco in the 50s along with the sharecroppers Bombardelli and it has been handed down to the son Pietro Lino and consequently to Francesco Mandelli owner of the current Agricultural Company created in March 2018.

The collection and storage techniques have undergone several changes over the years, following the technical innovations that have subsequently been occurred.
From hand-picked harvesting we moved to the collection with hand combs and sheets, up to trunk and canopy shakers. The milling initially practiced only after having spent a long period from the olive harvesting, today it takes place preferably on the same day of the harvest.

In the same way the storage system has evolved, the first simple containers, not able to prevent oil freezing , have been replaced by vacuum steel containers, bottles and Bag in Box.

Soon the preservation technique with food Argon gas will be introduced

The Produce

The cultivars in the olive grove of the camping area are: Frantoio, Pendolino, Cipressino & Leccino.
In the olive grove “ Sotto il Monte” we have the traditional Casaliva and a mix on the hills

Camping Bellavista

Cultivar Frantoio

Camping Bellavista

Cipressino Leccino Pendolino

Camping Bellavista

Cultivar Frantoio


Harvest 2018

Production 2018

Every year nature decides the yield of the olive trees.
We are committed to obtain the highest quality.

Olive trees

collected Quintals

produced Liters

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Each oil production carries with it its own history, one year long.
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1 week ago

Degustazione olio extravergine di oliva con Sabine Zanella presso camping Bellavista. Un successo!!!

4 weeks ago

Degustazione olio extravergine di oliva. Interesse altissimo da parte degli invitati soprattutto stranieri...😀

1 month ago
Foto dal post di Azienda Agricola Francesco Mandelli - Olio Extra Vergine d'Oliva

Iniziata la posa delle "trappole", per la cattura preventiva massale contro la mosca dell'oliva, la Bactrocera Oleae. Stefano sempre sul pezzo 😀

2 months ago

La rivista culinaria tedesca Der Feinschmecker, ha valutato oltre 500 oli provenienti da tutta Europa.
Il nostro Frantoio si è classificato 150° ! Grande soddisfazione anche per questo ... See more

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