Production 2021

Production 2021

Bottiglia di olio Caserèr


Monocultivar Frantoio , planted in the early 1950s.

The name Caresèr derives from the name given to the place where the plants are and it is the place where in the past the caressa reigned, the grass that was used to make chairs and other objects. Oil obtained by pressing the olives in early October

Medium fruity oil, medium bitter and spicy.

Bottiglia di olio Soto 'l Mont

Soto ‘l Mont

(750 ml)
Mixed cultivar of Casaliva,Leccino,Pendolino,Frantoio,Raza,Picholine

The name derives from the old house located at the foot of Monte Brione, where Casaliva plants are cultivated. Oil obtained by pressing the olives in November.

Light fruity, bitter and light spicy oil.

Bottiglia di olio Tomanèl


Cultivar Cipressino 100%, planted in the late 80s.
A type usually used as a windbreak hedge originally from southern Italy.

The name is meant to represent the tool that was used in the past to contain the olives from the hand-picked collection. Oil obtained by pressing the olives in early October.

Medium fruity oil, medium bitter and spicy.

Bottiglia di olio Tórcol


100% Pendolino cultivar, plants planted in the late 1980s.
Its main feature is that it is the pollinator plant par excellence.

The name wants to represent the tool that was used, in the past, to press the dough obtained by pressing through the stones, in order to obtain the oil.

Oil obtained from the pressing of olives in early October.

Light fruity oil, medium bitter and light spicy.

Our favourite 2021 oil-dishes combination

…it all depends on your personal taste 😃

Soto ‘l Mont and Tòrcol

Light fruity

Fried fish, meat or fish snacks, white sauces such as mayonnaise, delicate salads (valerian, lettuce), steamed or boiled fish, sautéed sea fish sourly pickled vegetables.

Seafood salads, risotto with vegetables, pasta with pesto, white meats (chicken, turkey, rabbit), fried courgette or zucchini flowers.

Delicate vinaigrette. Aged cheeses and pecorino


Caresér and Tomanél

 Medium fruity

Fried lake fish, legume creams, green sauce, fish soup, tomato and mozzarella caprese, field salads, marinated tuna, stuffed vegetables.

Vegetable soups, meat or fish carpaccio, boiled or grilled vegetables.

Salads, grilled meat, boiled beef, braised or overcooked, grilled red meats, legume soups, vegetable soups, tomato bruschetta, vegetables cooked like cabbage, black cabbage, turnips, sautéed chicory, legumes, mushroom soup, roasts with aromatic herbs, recipes with capers and anchovies, grilled red meat, game, pasta and beans and pasta and legumes.

Aromatic vinaigrette, pizzas and fresh cheeses.




Harvest 2021

Production 2021

Every year nature decides the yield of the olive trees.
We are committed to obtain the highest quality.

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